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This is a growing list of people who have taken Nerve Mobilization training. If you have trained with Doug and are not on this list, but would like to be, please contact him by clicking here!

These therapists have not been tested or certified in Nerve Mobilization, they have just attended the courses that appear after their names. You should always check that any health care professional you employ is a member in good standing of their provincial or state governing body. For example, Ontario Massage Therapists are registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and can be researched at:

Ontario Therapists

City Therapist Name Course(s) Attended Email Phone
Athens Marnie Purcell Neck & Arm 613-924-0315
Etobicoke Madeline Mount Neck & Arm 416-249-9228
London David Neeb Neck & Arm 519-630-9975
Missassauga Christine Horvath Neck & Arm 905-271-8331
Newmarket Mike Grafstein Neck & Arm 905-726-0799
Anita Verigin Neck & Arm 905-836-416


Toronto Laurel McWilliams Neck & Arm 416-916-7429
Eldon Wingay Neck & Arm 416-496-8431

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