Low Back & Sciatica DVD

Learn How to Treat Nerve Compression and Irritation Syndromes in the Low Back, Hips and Legs!

Join Doug Alexander (Editor of Massage Therapy Practice.com) as he demonstrates the relationships between nerve and myofascial anatomy; client symptoms and therapeutic options.

This DVD explores management of the most common nerve syndromes in the low back, pelvis and legs.

Learn how to assess your client with low back pain and/or sciatica and tease out the contribution from nerve compression and irritation.

Refer clients that need to see their physician.

Safely treat clients in the acute, sub-acute and chronic phases of recovery from injury.

Lessen fluid congestion in the lumbar spine and sacrum.

Milk fluid from around and within the sciatic nerve.

Decompress the sciatic nerve all the way from the hip to all the branches in the foot and ankle.

Glide nerves and release adhesions between nerves and muscles, bones and ligaments.

Differentiate between a short piriformis and a long, overloaded piriformis.

Coach your clients in home care that is safe and targeted toward their most significant issues.

DVD is 4 hr & 5 min


“This valuable DVD about lumbar disk lesions and related nerve problems is aimed at advanced massage students and medically-oriented clinicians. A large selection of stage-specific assessment, manual treatment, and self-care methods are clearly explained and masterfully demonstrated using an actual client. The presentation is enhanced by good production, great anatomy visuals, and Doug’s expertise and sense of humor. There is no downside to the DVD, but the viewer must have well-developed palpation skills, knowledge of anatomy and contemporary massage techniques, and the motivation to study a complex subject.”

Paul Clifford, Professor, Massage Therapy Program
Fleming College, Co-author, Outcome Based Massage: From Evidence to Practice

“Nerve injuries are a cause of numerous soft-tissue pain complaints, although their frequency is just now starting to be recognized. In this DVD Doug Alexander explains many of the complex issues of neural tension and compression in a clear and understandable way. The demonstrations are easy to follow and there are numerous evaluation and treatment procedures that can be immediately used in your practice to help many of your clients.”

Whitney Lowe, Author of Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy and Orthopedic Massage: Theory & Technique. Go to Whitney’s web site by clicking here!

DVD Index


Red Flags and Referral


Introduction to the Neural Tension Tests

Low Back Pain & Sciatica

Acute (History Taking, Assessment, Treatment and Home Care)
Sub-Acute (History Taking, etc. as above)
Chronic (as above)

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

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