Upper Extremity DVD

Learn How to Treat Nerve Compression and Irritation Syndromes in the Arms and Hands!

Join Doug Alexander (Editor of Massage Therapy Practice.com) as he demonstrates the relationships between nerve and myofascial anatomy; client symptoms and therapeutic options.

This DVD explores management of the most common nerve syndromes upper extremity.

Learn how to assess your client and tease out the contribution from nerve compression and irritation.

Neural tension tests with special sensitizing movements identify the the most important contributors to your client’s problems.

Depending on how irritable the condition is, you will then proceed with fluid dynamic techniques to lessen congestion, decompression techniques to release adjacent muscles, ligaments and bones, and neural flossing techniques to lessen adhesions between nerves and neighboring structures.

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DVD Index


Median Nerve

  • Location
  • Upper Limb Tension Test #1
  • Upper Limb Tension Test #2
  • Techniques to Apply for Each Sensitizing Movement

Ulnar Nerve

  • Location
  • Ulnar Nerve Tension Testing
  • Techniques to Apply for Each Sensitizing Movement

Radial Nerve

  • Location
  • Radial Nerve Tension Testing
  • Techniques to Apply for Each Sensitizing Movement

Professionally filmed and produced by Real Bodywork!

Course of the Median Nerve

Initiating Lymphatic Drainage in the Brachial Plexus

Milking Fluid from the Carpal Tunnel

Decompressing Brachial Plexus Under Pectoralis Minor

Nerve Flossing Under the Clavicle

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